Susan Buckman Photography | About
Here at Susan Buckman Photography my goal is to present images of your loved ones that both capture those precious moments but also give you lasting memories to hold on to and cherish.

As a mum of two boys I know how quick time seems to pass. I have set out to ensure, however, that by photographing them at key times as they grow up I can preserve the details of those moments and visit them any time I like. I want to be able to look back and see not only pictures but memories. I want to do this for you too; be it a children's portrait session or at your wedding.

The truth of the matter is I love taking photos and have always taken them whenever I get the chance- lots of them! My true obsession began at the birth of our first son Finn, I wanted to capture and relive every moment; I literally took thousands of pictures in his first year and I have the hard drives to prove it !!! With the birth of our second son Lucas I couldn't get enough of capturing the two of them together, their laughter, their friendship and love. To know that I can also give them something to look back on when they are older is important to me too.

Capturing an image is not just about taking photos, its also about the process, the location, the set up and importantly the editing. I put a lot of time, love, tears, long hours and effort into producing images that truly show what I see when I photograph my client's loved ones. My children and husband aside, photography is my true love. I LOVE what I do and if you would like me to do the same for your wee ones then please get in touch.

Susan Bx

Photograph of me taken by my amazing friend Eva at Love Lila Photography.